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How do I change the style of a gallery?
How do I add my logo to my galleries?
How do I preview a gallery?
What is the URL to my new gallery?

How do I change the style of a gallery?

When creating or editing a gallery, you can choose from our ever-growing collection of themes. Each theme applies a style and color scheme to your gallery. Choose a theme that matches your brand or best complements your specific gallery.

You can upload your logo and it will be applied to all your existing and new galleries. To add a logo, click on the “Account & Billing” tab in the NextProof control panel. Locate the “Theme and logo” section and select a logo file from your computer.

Logo specifications. We recommend using the PNG format for your logo. PNG files support transparency and a PNG logo will look great on any NextProof theme. JPEG logos are also supported.

Your logo should have a max height of 75 pixels and a max width of 500 pixels. To create a PNG file in Adobe Photoshop, place your logo on a transparent canvas and export using the Save for Web option (from the File menu). Select PNG-24 and ensure the Transparency box is checked.

How do I preview a gallery?

You can preview your gallery (and see what your customers would see) by clicking on the gallery name in the NextProof dashboard or from the “Galleries” tab. When previewing, the gallery will open in a new window.

Keep in mind, if you have enabled registration or password-protection for a gallery, you will not be prompted to enter a password or login (but your customers will).

What is the URL to my new gallery?

The URL to any gallery will be in the format, where yoursite is the NextProof address you chose when signing up and your-gallery-permalink is the permalink for that gallery. If you have mapped your NextProof site to your domain, the URL will be in the format

A gallery’s permalink is defined when creating or editing a gallery. You can specify a permalink for any gallery or leave the field blank and NextProof will auto-generate one for you. Keep in mind, if you change the permalink for an existing gallery, the URL will change (and people visiting the old URL will no longer be able to access it).

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